Alcohol / Drug Abuse Treatment

The primary purpose of our program is to help individuals who are having difficulty with alcohol and/or drug abuse and its related problems. While attended our center's treatment program, you will participate in group therapy, alcohol and drug abuse education, and life science training. Counseling is also available for individuals and family members.

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DWI Services

Mountain Treatment Center provide the following DWI services. The first step is the assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate whether the person has a substance abuse problem. If the individual has a problem, we then determine how severe the problem and what treatment program would benefit the client the most. We provide the Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) program, Short-term Treatment and Longer-term Treatment.

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Gambling Services

Mountain Treatment Center offers treatment for the problem gambler and his/her family by using the latest techniques in the field of gambling disorders. A treatment plan is developed for the individual client's specxific needs: gambling disorders, family members or couples. A Certified Counselor works with e3ach client to resolve specific problems diagnosed at admission. The program is designed to help the client recognize the severity of his/her gambling problem and learn how to disorder affects his/her life. Mountain Treatment Center is a provider for the North Carolina Problem Gambling Program: Call 1-877-718-5543 or web page

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